Backpacking solo across Spiti

I ran away to the valley of Spiti for a couple of weeks this August. As you can see from the pictures, words can't do justice to the splendour of these Spitian villages (if it doesn't seem so, blame my photography skills). But Spiti isn't for the weak hearted; you have to travel on few of the most treacherous roads, ride through high altitude passes and walk across ice-cold nalas at times (on one occasion we did so by forming human chains). I was alone and thrown out of my comfort zone - I changed plans on the spur of the moment, hiked for hours on mountains and forged new friendships .

Spiti, The Middle Land- A beginning

It's a lazy Saturday night and I stare at a map of Spiti for the umpteenth time wondering if I had come back from Spiti too soon. The memories are still fresh and the salty taste of the Spitian butter tea still lingers on my tongue. I lose track of time and wonder if I had left a little bit of myself somewhere back in those mountains, surreal landscapes and starry skies. Or maybe with those truly amazing mountain folks and travellers.

Goa diaries

If you've ever made Goa plans with your friends, you know how hard it's to make those work. After all those cancelled plans, we did go to Goa on the Republic day long weekend. The beaches were not exactly pristine blue but they were huge and lively. Frisbee games by the beach, horror stories with chilled …