A travel guide to Spiti

I remember on my second day, I stayed back in Dhankar to watch the brilliant sunset. I  had to go back to Kaza so I hitch-hiked in an Innova with a group of people from Pune. They were to drop me off near the de-tour to Lalung and I had to hitch-hike till Kaza again. Mid-way it started getting dark so they wanted to drop me somewhere only if I found a cab. After driving a little bit ahead of the de-tour, I insisted that they drop me there and leave as I didn't want to derail their travel plans. After a few minutes it got very scary as there was absolutely no light around - just huge mountains in pitch dark and the sound of the river. I didn't realize how scary the sound of water can be till that point. I kept my calm and decided to walk till I found a house.